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VIA Motors specializes in the manufacturing of electric trucks and SUVs that spun out from Raser Technologies in 2010. It provides utility fleets, Exportable Power, electric vehicles for fleets, and extended-range electric trucks. VIA Motors was founded in 2010 and headquartered in Orem, Utah.


Alan G. Perriton - President


Alan Perriton is president of Via Motors Inc. He also had a thirty-four-year career with General Motors, including senior executive roles in the United States and Asia. He served as president of the Korea Daejeon Mission. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business management from BYU and his master’s degree from Stanford University. Alan and Mary have five children.

Robert C Percell - Chief Executive Officer


Bob Purcell is a recognized leader in the world auto industry. He held key leadership positions in the General Motors Corporation, Boston-Power advanced battery company and Protean Electric, a leader in in-wheel electric drive motors, before joining VIA as the COO in 2015.


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