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ThoughtSpot is the future of how businesses will store and use data. Their data analysis tool allows company

leaders to quickly and easily find and apply daily information to make better decisions.


Sudheesh Nair - Chief Operating Officer


Formally President of Nutanix, the leader in enterprise cloud infrastructure. During

his tenure at Nutanix, he was responsible for leading the sales organization and

helped grow the company from $0 to over $1 billion in revenue and over $9 billion in

market capitalization.

Ajeet Singh - Co-Founder, Executive Chairman

Tech and Finance Industry Executive for over 20 years 

Utilizing his commercial and strategic financial expertise, along with his vast venture experience in building businesses to create a world class finance operation to bring ThoughtSpots accounting and operations to the highest standard. Paul is one of the most accomplished executives in the music and content space.

EDUCATION: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur [BS, Chemical Engineering]

                      Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta [MBA]

Amit Prakash- Co-Founder, CTO

Tech and Finance Industry Executive for over 20 years

Amit led multiple analytics engineering teams in the Google AdSense businesses, contributing $50M+ quarter-on-quarter growth to the business through improving analytical algorithms for AdSense. Amit was a founding engineer in the Bing team at Microsoft, where he implemented the pagerank algorithms for search from scratch.

EDUCATION: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur [BT, Electrical Engineering]

                      University of Technology at Austin [Computer Engineering]


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ThoughtSpot and Microsoft Partner to Unleash the Value of Cloud Data with Search and AI-driven Analytics


How to Buy ThoughtSpot IPO Stock

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