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Is Triller the Future of Monetizing the Social Media Experience?

“If you think about our company, it's not just about a user basis growing, it's being able to monetize a user base. That's ultimately what's most important for our company. That goes to show how well we can leverage our audience. And we'll help to do that with more and more events, concerts, sports and live TV. I think that the future is very, very bright for us,"
- Triller CEO and Co-Founder, Mike Lu

In our opinion, the social media app Triller’s singular focus on maximizing the monetary value of each of its social media monetization of each user can set this company miles apart from its competition where it matters most… the bank.


65+ Million Active Users 250 Million Downloads

500% Organic Growth Month-over-Month

It’s the future of social media apps in the making.

Unlike TikTok and other competitors, Triller’s platform will get the most return from each user by giving them what they want most: the next big Artist, and cutting-edge media technology.

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